Docker Migration In-Flight CRIU

Docker CRIU Demo


An automated, annotated, interactive demo of live container migration using Virtualbox, Vagrant and ShutIt.

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CRIU is a technology designed to allow the checkpointing and restoration of programs in userspace in the Linux kernel.

Containerization is a natural fit for this, since in theory most of its dependencies are contained and thus easier to reason about.

Work is proceeding on this technology, and this demo gives a flavour of what’s possible. It’s based on a post Circle-CI recently published.

It shows:

  • A container being checkpointed and restarted
  • A container with state being checkpointed and restarted
  • A container with state being moved from one VM to another

You can see it in action here, and the code is here.

I think this technology is a giant leap forward for Docker. The applications for this for testing, delivery and operations are immense.

Another recent demo involving live Quake migration is here.





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