Phoenix deployment pain (and win)

I’ve posted previously on phoenix deployment, and thought I’d share an incident that happened that was resolved more easily because it was caught early.

Got a ping that the site was down, so looked into it.

Tried rebuilding the site using ShutIt and discovered quickly that apt-gets were failing.

So what changed?

I checked the network (fine), and then tried to repro on a simple ubuntu:12.10 image. Same there. I did the same on a completely different network. Tried hitting the apt urls directly – white screen.

A quick “ask around” later and I figure out that support for these ubuntu repos had been withdrawn.

So then I could work on an upgrade relatively quickly, and I had yesterday’s container to compare differences. In the meantime apache’s default security settings had changed, so that was quite painful.

But not as painful as it could have been, thanks to PD.

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