A Complete Chef Infrastructure on Your Laptop



An automated setup of a Chef infrastructure ready to develop on.

Can be used to:

  • Develop cookbooks offline
  • Train users in Chef
  • Simulate Chef ‘search’ code (the original impetus)
  • Test cookbooks

Known to work on Mac and Linux.



Here’s a video of it running on my Mac:




To run:

git clone --recursive https://github.com/ianmiell/shutit-chef-env
cd shutit-chef-env

and eventually you’ll be handed a terminal with this message:


You are on the host.

The chef node is chefnode1.vagrant.test

The chef workstation is chefworkstation.vagrant.test

The chef server is chefserver.vagrant.test


and you can vagrant ssh into any .one of the boxes and do your worst.

If you re-run ./run.sh you will destroy the existing machines and they will be rebuilt.

By default a vagrant snapshot is performed on completion.


The code for this is here.


Ask me on twitter: @ianmiell



This is based on work in progress from the second edition of Docker in Practice 

Get 39% off with the code: 39miell2

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