A CoreOS Cluster in Two Minutes With Four Commands

A CoreOS Cluster in Two Minutes With Four Commands

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You may have heard about CoreOS, be wondering what all the fuss is about and want to play with it.

If you have a machine with over 3G memory to spare, then you can be delivered a shell on a CoreOS cluster in under two minutes with four commands. Here they are:

sudo pip install shutit
git clone https://github.com/ianmiell/shutit-coreos-vagrant
cd shutit-coreos-vagrant

It uses ShutIt to automate the stand-up. The script is here.

See it in action here:


What Next?

Now get going with CoreOS’s quickstart guide

Didn’t Work?

More likely my fault than yours. Message me on twitter if you have problems: @ianmiell

This post is based on material from Docker in Practice, available on Manning’s Early Access Program. Get 39% off with the code: 39miell


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