Learn Kubernetes the Hard Way (the Easy and Cheap Way)

Learn Kubernetes the Hard Way (the Easy and Cheap Way)


Building on Kelsey Hightower’s fantastic work exposing the internals of Kubernetes by setting up Kubernetes on public cloud providers, I’ve automated all the steps to set up a cluster on your local machine, with a walkthrough mode that takes you through step-by-step. Watch a video here (the interesting stuff happens from about 3 minutes in):

It’s free?

There is no charge as it will run on your host, but you need 2G of memory spare on your host by default.

It helps if you have Virtualbox and Vagrant already installed (works on Mac too!), although the script will try and set this up for you.

How do I run it?

Here’s the commands to run it yourself:

sudo pip install shutit
git clone --recursive https://github.com/ianmiell/shutit-k8s-the-hard-way
cd shutit-k8s-the-hard-way

What’s going on?

Here’s a diagram of the setup.

The host runs Vagrant and Virtualbox. Each box in the host box (the big rectangle) represents a virtual machine. There are workers (which run the pods, controllers, which run the kubernetes cluster) and a client (which has the kubernetes binaries installed on it) and a load balancer (which represents the entry point to the cluster.

Is it safe?

All work (including the Kubernetes client commands) are done within your locally-provisioned VMs, so it should won’t install crazy things to your machine or anything.

How Does it Work?

The script uses ShutIt to automate the steps to bring up the cluster and walk through the build. Contact me for more info: @ianmiell


The code is here:

Help Wanted

I’m sure this can be improved, both in terms of the functionality elucidated once the cluster is up, as well as the descriptions in the notes.

Please help to contribute if you can!

Learn More

My book Docker in Practice:

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